Welcome to the California Department of Fish and Game, Wildlife Investigations Lab (WIL) blog.  We are excited to have this new way to connect with the public, DFG staff and interested agencies and professionals on wildlife health issues and projects.

May is a busy month at the Lab.  We held 2 sessions of the Wildlife Capture and Restraint Course the first week in May.  This course gives Department Wardens and Biologists the opportunity to learn about and gain experience in safe capture and restraint of wildlife so they are better prepared for what can happen in the field.  This class includes training and certification in the use of chemical immobilization for large mammals.  This benefits wildlife as well as public safety.

May also finds WIL staff in the field, investigating wildlife disease concerns.  Dr. Deana Clifford and scientific aid Jaime Rudd are in the desert capturing, radio collaring and vaccinating desert kit fox for canine distemper.  Krysta Rogers is continuing her work capturing band tailed pigeons and testing them for trichomoniasis, a parasitic disease causing periodic mortality in flocks.

Stay with us.