Boy Scout Makes Hammocks For Bears And Lions

(2 orphaned bear clubs play on the hammock)

The Wildlife Investigation Lab provides and maintains a temporary animal holding facility and provides veterinary care for confiscated, displaced, injured, or nuisance wildlife.  When animals come to us, they’re often stressed because they are not in their natural surroundings.  We make every effort to improve or enhance the captive animal’s environment.  One of our projects for supporting animal husbandry is to provide hammocks for each of the critters that are housed in our facility.  We have had hammocks for the critters to rest in for quite some time, however, the bears and lions wore them out.  With a little time and research, we were able to contact a local Boy Scout Troup #1855 that was pleased to help us out.  Nick Blue was in search of an assignment to receive his Eagle Scout badge.  Nick took the project and ran with it.  He contacted the local fire departments for fire hose (the material used to make the hammocks) that was donated and also was able to have the hardware donated by Home Depot.  He made four weaved hammocks approximately 8’ x 12’ in diameter (which will probably be used by bears and lions) and two triangle shaped hammocks approximately 2’ x 2’ x’ 2’ for small mammals to snuggle in.  Big thanks to Nick from DFG and the animals who will use your hammocks!

Nick Blue (Boy Scout Hammock Maker) and Tina Moran (Wildlife Investigations Lab CDFG) test driving the hammock


One thought on “Boy Scout Makes Hammocks For Bears And Lions

  1. Thanks Nick! That is a lot of hard work to make those hammocks – I know the animals will enjoy using them!


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